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The food culture that carries civilizations and civilizations to the present day and surrounds the universe is a metaphor that lasts for millions of years.

The geography and climate character of the country in which we live has been home to civilizations that have guided the history of the world for centuries. The cultures of life formed in these lands and seas, which provided the main center of the world culinary cultures, remained an abstract cultural heritage to the present day. Nevberî Restaurant follows the traces of this cultural heritage on the palate.

Nevberî Resaturant was founded based on these principles and has established its flavors with a rooted but contemporary and creative understanding that adopts the principles of the use of seasonal, cultural and indispensable natural foods in addition to the concepts of "past", "present" and "future" especially in our world where cultural transitions are intense.

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Unique Tastes from Turkish and World Cuisine!

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We are pleased to welcome you to our restaurant, which is located on the ground floor of Palladium Tower in Atasehir, one of istanbul's most popular districts, in a main hall and two indoor gardens.

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